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Advertising Platform: You can use this to sign up for our indoor billboard and promote your product, service or message to yur local community.
Be A Host: Sign up to be a host and if you qualify we will put up a display in your business to run our indoor billboard system, in return you will get free advertising and promoting on our website as a host or a percentage of the profits from your sign!
In-House Advertising: This allows you to use our platform in your retail or office and run only your own promotions on it. You will be responsible for ad creation and uploading using our proprietary software.

Digital Sign For Business and Advertising

Ushering in a new era in digital signs and local first advertising!

Our indoor billboard system gives your business exposure at high traffic locations for a low cost. Your ad can be seen hundreds or even thousands of times a day!

Digital signs are an effective form of in-store advertising. 

Targeted Advertising

Our locations are designed to not only get the most traffic possible, but also to speciifc groups gving you more targeted advertising. 

Competitive Prices

Affordable prices with the highest visibilty for yor small or medium sized business. Prices as low as $18/mo & starting at $35/mo

Custom Designs

We can help you design an eye catching ad that can include basic animation and graphics to get your desired results. 

Digital signs are an increasingly popular way to advertise businesses, events, and products. They provide dynamic visuals that can be used to create powerful messaging campaigns that grab the attention of potential customers. 

Our indoor billboards are placed in high traffic areas and allow you to pick where your display is shown if there are open advertisings spots. We limit the number of advertisers per location to keep exposure high. But, once you have secured your spot that is yours until you cancel your ad with us. Always remember there are no contacts with Premier Digital SIgns and each location is first come first serve. 

The advantages of using digital signage are numerous: they’re eye-catching and engaging; they don’t require costly print materials or maintenance; they can be quickly changed in real time with new messages or creative content; and they allow users to target specific audiences by changing the message displayed based on location or demographics. Digital signage is also more cost effective than traditional advertising methods such as television commercials because it requires less production costs due its ability for easy updates as well as its low cost per impression compared other forms of media advertising like radio spots.

For business owners looking for a reliable yet affordable solution for marketing their products or services, digital signs offer some clear benefits: increased visibility, improved customer engagement levels through interactivity options like touch screens, higher ROI from decreased maintenance costs associated with static displays (eg printing), customizable messaging capabilities tailored towards different markets/demographics/locations etc., plus much more!

Digital signage is an incredibly versatile tool – it can be used indoors at retail stores or outdoors on billboards – allowing you get your message out there without breaking the bank! Plus you have complete control over what type of content you display so your brand remains consistent across multiple channels while still offering flexibility depending on what needs promoting at any given time - whether that's current sales promotions within store windows / walls / ceilings etc., showcasing customer reviews & testimonials near entrances & exits, displaying virtual product catalogs near checkout counters...the possibilities really are endless!

Investing in digital sign technology may seem daunting but trust us when we say it will pay off bigtime - not only do these solutions save money versus traditional forms advertisement but also give brands access better metrics which enable them measure success rates against goals set before embarking upon any campaign(s). And finally let’s not forget about how captivatingly beautiful these types visual communications look too…it doesn't get much better than this folks!!
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Become a Host Location

By becoming a host location you will get a free ad placement at other locations in return for allowing us to setup an indoor billboard at your location. You will also be listed on our website as a advertising location! The only responsibility you will have is ensuring that the display is on durring business hours and that it is connected to your internet. We will monitor the sign and let you know if it goes down or is not online. You will also get discounts on advertising location placement. Click the button below to request to become a host. Don’t forget to include your business information, and include any info about visitors or traffic you get in your location! 

Email About Being A Host
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Now More Than Ever You Need A Digital Sign.
Easy and Effective. 

Here are the top ten reasons why a digital sign can be beneficial for your retail location:

1. Attract Attention: A digital sign is eye-catching and can easily capture the attention of passersby.

2. Increased Engagement: Digital signs can display interactive content, videos, and animations that can keep customers engaged and interested in your products or services.

3. Real-time Updates: Digital signs can be updated in real-time with new promotions, deals, or other information, helping to keep customers informed and engaged.

4. Cost-effective: Digital signs can be more cost-effective in the long run since they can be updated easily and quickly, saving money on printing and replacing physical signs.

5. Better Customer Experience: Digital signs can provide customers with useful information, entertainment, and wayfinding, improving their overall experience in your store.

6. Brand Awareness: A digital sign can help increase brand awareness by displaying your logo, slogan, or other branding elements.

7. Cross-selling and Upselling: Digital signs can be used to promote complementary products, upsell premium products, or cross-sell related items, increasing the average purchase value per customer.

8. Time-Sensitive Messaging: Digital signs can display time-sensitive messaging, such as flash sales, limited-time offers, or events, encouraging customers to act quickly.

9. Environmental Benefits: Digital signs are more environmentally friendly since they do not require printing or the use of other physical materials.

10. Analytics and Tracking: Digital signs can provide analytics and tracking data, helping you to understand how effective your messaging is and make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

This is a sample of a client sign they are currently displaying in their retail location!

We are reimaging the digital signage arena to bring you better exposure and ways to help other small businesses in your area.

What We Do: Premier Digital Signs offers a digital sign and marketing solution for small and medium businesses in targeted areas and an overall solution to help local businesses promote each other.

How We Do It: We have developed (and are always refining) our own platform specially designed to help small and medium businesses. We will soon have a way you can help your other local businesses. 

Prices range from $29-$49, discounts are offerend for mulitple signs or locations. Content creation and managment is also available. Our “*Always On” solution even features a smart plug and 24 hour around the clock monitoring and restarting (*local area only).

Contact us for a free email consultation to see how our platform can help you and your community!

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