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 Local First Advertising

Exciting news! We are proud to announce we are getting the launch of our new local advertising platform ready, which gives you exclusive access to advertise in high-traffic retail and office locations in our community. With our platform, you can reach your target audience right where they are, increasing visibility and boosting sales. Say goodbye to ineffective online ads and hello to real-world exposure! Contact us now to learn more and start advertising in your local community.

Package Pricing

Monthly prices listed - Get a free month with yearly prepay & get a free ad creation!

Unlike many providers we automatially rotate the location of your ad placement to get you the widest range and most views possible.

One Screen

  • $35

    Per Screen/Month

  • Standard Price

Three Screens

  • $70

    Only $23.33 Per Screen/Month

  • Select Locations

  • Save 33%

Five Screens

  • $99


  • Save 43%

  • Select Locations

  • Only $19.80 Per Screen/Month

Ten Screens

  • $180

    Best Value

  • Save 48%

  • Select Locations 

  • Only $18 Per Screen/Month

Want us to create an eye catching animated ad?

For only $25/per ad we will create an great ad that will include some basic animation to grab attention of customers and promote your business! Odering options will be coming soon. Email us in advance for a no obligation chat. info@premierdigitalsigns.com 

Contact us for a free email consultation to see how our platform can help you and your community!

premiere logo-1368x684